Range Rules :

A shooter may only load his or her firearm when safely within the designated shooting station and only when preparing to shoot.  At all other times firearms must be unloaded with action open.

Practise swings behind any stand are not allowed.

A shooter in a shooting station is required to maintain proper muzzle control.

Upon completing a course of fire and before stepping off the station, all shooters are required to unload their firearm and open the action so that all may view the weapon is empty.  All shooters are responsible for muzzle discipline and keeping all weapons pointed in a safe direction.

It is strictly forbidden to shoot any live animal, bird or aquatic life on any field or shooting course.

Only authorised personnel are allowed in close proximity to Sporting Clay trap machines.  Brisbane Sporting Clays reserves the right to ask any unsafe shooters to leave the premises without refund of target fees if a shooter is observed violating gun club rules and/or any generally accepted Weapons Licensing Gun Safety Rules.

Specific Firearms Rules:

  • Maximum of two rounds are to be loaded at any time
  • (However under strict range officer supervision)
  • Maximum Shotgun Gauge is 12
  • No firearm under 66cm/26 Inches in barrel length allowed
  • (However Under Strict Range Officer supervision prior approval
  • may be obtained – for example Police firearms training)
  • No firearms with magazine capacity greater than 5 allowed
  • No firearms fitted with straps or slings allowed
  • No pistol grip firearms allowed
  • No Black Powder firearms allowed
  • No Category D firearms allowed
  • (magazine capacity greater than 5)



  • A Maximum shot shell load of 28 Grams with allowable shot size
  • between 7-9 only
  • The use of black powder or tracer cartridges is forbidden (however under strict
  • range officer supervision)
  • All persons must produce a current Firearms License to purchase ammunition.
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